Using Listings

What is a listing?

Listing elements 'pull through' content from elsewhere on your site meaning you can add things once in a central location and feed them throughout the site instead of having to add them multiple times. Very handy, especially when you need to update something!

How do I add a listing to a page?

To add a listing, go to the page where you want the tagged items to appear and click the Listing button.

Give your listing a Heading and use the various options in the element editor to define how and what your listing pulls through. There are a lot of options here but the key things to set first are:

  • Source data - where the listing should look for its content
    • You can either use the dropdown box to select a particular feed of database content (e.g. news, events etc.)
    • Or select a source page and/or element type (e.g. if you wanted to pull through all the documents from a particular page)
  • Tags - defines which content the listing should pull through
    • This must match exactly the tag(s) you have given/are going to give the content in the source listing

In general it is easier to set the listing up with these things first, then go back and refine the settings e.g. how many items to display, whether to show or hide future or past items, what order to display things in etc.


I have a central News resource on my website with lots of articles about different fruits. I make sure that whenever I add articles I tag them with relevant keywords e.g. if I write an article about apples I tag it "Apples".

I have set up a web page all about apples and I want to keep it fresh by pulling in all my apple news so I add a Listing element to that page with:

  • A Heading: Latest Apple News
  • A listing source of News
  • The word Apples into the Tags box.

I click save and voila, my listing element pulls all my news articles about apples onto my apples page.

I preview my page to make sure I'm happy with it. When I am I publish my page and send the link to all my chums who are as passionate about apples as I am!