Create and Send a Newsletter

  • With Edit Off, go to My Account and click the Newsletters option
  • Click the Create Newsletter button
  • Give your newsletter a name, pick a colour scheme and click Save - you'll now see the blank newsletter template ready for you to populate
  • The two Edit buttons on the newsletter template already are for the title/introduction and conclusion blocks - click and update these as you see fit (you might want to do this after adding the rest of the content, depending on how you prefer to work!)
    • N.B. You must add a title to your newsletter before you will be able to send it out
  • Now it's a case of adding the various sections you want - to do this click Add Section
    • A basic section lets you add standard text and images 'free form'
    • News, Events, Jobs sections allow you to pick these items from the ones already added to your site
    • Whichever type of section you add, this process creates the section itself, then you Edit the section to add content

Editing a basic section

Once added, click your basic section's Edit button and use the on-screen boxes to add:

  • Subtitle - a broad heading to describe the item
  • Title - a more specific heading
  • Description - the main body text of this section
  • Image - the image you want to display with this item
  • Button text - the text which will appear on the accompanying button
  • Button url - where people clicking the button will be sent

Editing a news, events, jobs section

  • Once added, click your News, Events, Jobs section Edit button
  • You'll now see various panels which allow you to populate your newsletter with items already on your website
  • Simply select the ones you want and use the Add, Move Up and Move Down buttons to add and order your items
  • If you change your mind about an item, select it and click the Remove button
  • When you've added the items you want, click Save to populate your newsletter and return to the preview screen

Sending your newsletter

When you've added all your sections and are happy with your content, go back and check again! Then, when you've double proofed your newsletter (and preferably asked a colleague to sense-check it too) you can begin the sending process.

Send a test

  • Click the Send a Test button
    • This sends your newsletter to your email address (the one you're logged into the site with)
  • Check your email and review how your newsletter looks
    • If you want to make any changes, go back to your newsletter, edit accordingly, then send another test
  • If you're happy with your newsletter, you can now select your recipients

Select recipients

  • Back in the newsletter editor, click the Recipients button
  • Choose options from the drop down menus or type into the search box and click Search to generate a list of subscribers who match your selections
  • You can now either select individuals using the checkboxes and click Add Selected or click Add All to create your distribution list
  • You can repeat the search/add process as many times as you like until you're happy you've added all the people you want to send your newsletter to - you'll notice the number of recipients on the Recipients button change as you add each set of people

Schedule and send

Now you've sorted who you're sending to, you can set your newsletter on its way!

  • Click the Schedule and Send button
  • Type in your Email Subject (this will appear as the subject line when people see your email come in to their inbox)
    • Remember to triple check your spelling and grammar!
  • Set the Email Date & Time (when your email should be sent out)
    • If you want to send immediately leave the date and time as they are - they default to now
  • Click Confirm Schedule and you're done
    • If you head back to the Newsletters main page (My Account > Newsletters) you'll see your newsletter in the queue to be sent

Cancelling a newsletter

You can cancel a newsletter mailing at any point before its scheduled send date/time, however once this date/time has passed the newsletter cannot be un-sent!

  • Go to My Account > Newsletters and find your newsletter in the list
  • Click on the title of your newsletter
  • Click the Cancel button

Managing Your Subscribers

We have two ways of managing subscribers, and it depends on whether your subscribers are also your website users (users have logins to your website).

One way to know is by going to your newsletters area. If you can see the 'Subscribers' , then your newsletter subscribers are Subscribers. If you don't see this, then your newsletter subscribers are Users.


Click on 'Subscribers' from your newsletters section. You can search for an email address, click into each subscriber and manage the newsletter lists they are subscribed to. You can also completely opt them out from receiving newsletters.


From User Management, filters at the top include Newsletter lists. You can also click into each user and manage each list individually.