Add a Poll to a Page

Polls are a quick and easy way for your site's visitors to tell you how they feel about a particular issue.

  • With Edit On, click the Poll button
  • Type your question and a selection of answers into the boxes provided (you don't need to fill all the answer boxes!)
  • Choose where you want your poll to sit on your page using the Alignment drop down
  • You can then choose from a variety of Additional Options
    • Disabled/Ended - a manual way to disable or end your poll
    • Disable "View Results" - decide whether you want users to see a link to the poll's results (even if they haven't voted)
    • Hide Results - decide whether results should be shown at all (even to those who vote)
    • Validation determines whether you'll allow multiple votes by the same user
      • Cookie - sets a cookie on the visitor's device which allows only one vote to be cast by that device (this is the most straightforward option but may prevent a different person using the same device from voting)
      • Email - insists the voter enters an email address, their vote will only be counted once they click a link the system emails them
      • User - insists the voter registers or logs in (if already registered) in order to cast their vote
    • Start and end dates - when you want your poll to be live
    • Button caption - what the voting button will say
  • Click Save to add the poll to your page

Example poll

Which fruit is best?