Private (password-protected) Areas

Sometimes it can be useful to use your website as a central repository for information which is not public but needs to be shared with certain people outside your organisation.

How do I set up a private area?

There are three simple steps to setting a private area up in cPortals.

  1. Set up a user group
  2. Add users to the user group
  3. Set page permissions

Step 1: Set up a user group

  1. In the Control Panel, click the User Groups option
    • N.B. for security reasons, only the highest level admins have this permission by default. If you do not see a User Groups option please ask to set up the user group for you
  2. Click Create User Group
  3. Give your group a Name and give a brief description in the Comment box
  4. Set the permission for members of this group - this will usually be Registered User on your default website (unless you want people to be able to edit the site, this is the recommended setting)
  5. Click Save

Step 2: Add users to the user group

In the Control Panel, click User Management then:

  • To add an existing registered user to the group:
    • Search for the person in question (or scroll until you find them)
    • Click the magic wand icon next to their name
    • Use the Memberships dropdown to select your user group
    • Click Save.
  • To add a new user to the group:
    • Click Create New User
    • Enter the new user's email address and click Next
    • Fill in the user's details (at the very least their full name) and set them a password
      • If you would like the system to automatically email them their registration details be sure to set the Send Email Notification option to Yes
    • Use the Memberships dropdown to select your user group
    • Click Save

Step 3: Set page permissions

You can now set up the pages you want to be private. To do this:

  • Add a new page in the normal way (or Edit existing pages)
  • Ensure that the Viewers dropdown is set to your user group.

This will mean that only people who are logged in and members of your user group can view the content on these pages.

Note: site admins can still see all content when logged in.