Add or Edit a News Item

N.B. Page Edit should always be turned off when adding or editing news items.

Add a news item

  • Go to the News page
  • Click the Add item button
  • Give your article a concise but descriptive title (remember it should make sense out of context)
  • Set the date and time you would like your article to go live
  • If you have one, upload a suitable picture to accompany the article - remember you must have permission to use the image
  • Add the main text of your article into the Body area
    • Remember, you can use the Paste from Word or Paste as Plain Text options if you're bringing in text from elsewhere
  • If required, upload an Attachment for your article (e.g. a document, pdf etc.)
  • Add the relevant Tags to your article, separated by commas
    • Apart from giving users an easy way to find related content, tags define where on the site, in addition to the main news page, the article is displayed e.g. any articles tagged Archery will appear on the Archery page.
  • If required, add a link where people can get more information
    • Link to Page allows you to choose a page on your website
    • External Website allows you to link people to a third-party website - remember to test your link using the Go button
  • Click Save - your article will go live at the date/time you have specified

Edit a news item

To make amendments to existing news articles simply go to the article itself and click the Edit button. When you have made your changes click Save.

N.B. due to the way some browsers cache information you may need to hard refresh your browser to see the amended version. For more details on caching and how to hard refresh your browser please see the Refresh Your Cache website.