Set Up a Redirects or Add a Page Alias


From time to time you may want people visiting a url to be redirected somewhere different. To do this, go to the page you wish to redirect, turn page Edit On and click Edit on the page element.

In the page options dialogue box you will see:

  • Redirect to url - use this to redirect people to an external website, remember to type in the full url
  • or to Page - use this option to choose a page on your own website to redirect people to

Once you have set the url or page, click Save and the redirect will now be set up.

To remove the redirect, Edit the page again and either delete the url or clear the page (whichever is appropriate), click Save and the redirect will be removed i.e. people visiting the page will see the page itself, not be redirected elsewhere.


Sometimes you may want to give pages a shorter url than the one they were set up with. Rather than changing the url and causing the link to break, use a page alias.

  • Turn page Edit On and click the Edit option on the page element
  • In the Page Alias box, type the word or words you wish to use as your new url
    • e.g. if I wanted to change to I would simply type editing into the Page Alias box
  • Click Save, this alias is now set up!